Pumpkin Spice Your Protein


Protein is a leading component in a healthy lifestyle.  Our bodies DEPEND on it.   Proteins are the building blocks for body tissue.  Second only to water, proteins are the most prevalent molecules in the body.

And it is “that” time of year.  You know…”Pumpkin Spiced Everything Season”.  You either love it or you hate it. So if you’re a PSE (Pumpkin Spiced Everything) lover, then you’ll love the sweet protein treat I have for you today! But wait…I am getting ahead of myself.  A little more on those all important proteins first.


Proteins can also pack as much punch as carbs in terms of fuel/energy.  Soooo…wouldn’t it make sense if you’re wanting to lose some weight that you should replace some of those carbs with good protein? The protein will also help build muscles mass…you DO NOT want to lose that while you are trying to take off the pounds.

We can consume proteins through both animal and plant sources. Lean chicken, fish, beef, eggs, and milk are all great sources of protein.



Some excellent plant sources of healthy protein include legumes, nuts (particularly almonds, cashews, walnuts), hemp seeds, spinach and kale.


So there are a lot of simple ways to add more protein to your healthy lifestyle. PSE or not.

Let’s assume you do want to have a “spiced” treat while getting your protein.  Here you go.  In all its glory.

It Works PROFIT Pumpkin Pie Smoothie (2 ways)


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